Ways to detect a broken car

Gently peel seals Windshield and rear window. If the color of paint underneath is different from color of the car, it says the poor quality paint. Similarly, inspect the sealing of doors and boot lid.

You can ask the seller on where car serviced. If your car is relatively fresh, is likely to prove that it served any corporate service center. In these car-care centers should be all the "medical history" car in every detail. Dealership is always ready to share this information, if you pretend that you continue to service the car in theire company.

Check the collapse of convergence. When serviceable chassis parts angles of the wheels must remain within tolerance. If the geometry of the body is broken, and the corners do not meet the manufacturer's standards, you're better off not to buy such a vehicle.

The older the car, the higher the likelihood that he had been in an accident. But do not abandon the purchase, for example, ten machines only because it has been repainted. In most cases this is even better than the factory paint with a multitude of acquired defects. However, in the case of poor repair or impaired body geometry old machine can deliver a lot of trouble in the form of permanently erased rubber and progressive corrosion of the body.