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First, the easiest. Carefully inspect the car. When visually clear that the gaps between body parts are not identical or color of individual parts differs from others - this car just went from painting. Inspect only clean cars, preferably in bright light.

You can use the ancestral method, trying to stick a weak magnet to various parts of the body. Where there is a thick layer of putty, a magnet will stick worse.

Repaired plastic bumper can be identified by a characteristic sound. Knocked on different parts of the bumper with his knuckles, you can find places that caused a thick layer of putty.

Inspect glass and lighting equipment. Typically, in the lower corner of each window marked the year of its manufacture. If one car has a glass of different years of release, it can speak of the experienced accident. The brand new glass headlights are also an indirect sign of involvement in an accident.

Raise the trunk mat and inspect the welds. When manufacturing the body of modern cars is only applicable spot welding, while in the process of repair wizard enjoy the usual semi-automatic. Try the hardness (eg, ballpoint pen) sealant, which smeared the seams. If one stitch smeared soft compound, and the other more solid.